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Iguana wishing and you

A mess of iguanas via Woop Studios

Iguana’s are vegetarian. They are cold blooded. They are good swimmers. They have a really cool way of getting rid of sea salt from their bodies, they sneeze it out.

Iguana’s sneezing. Just think about that for a second because it’s sort of broke my brain.

They really like papaya and hibiscus plants.

I know all this because on the first day of our holiday in Mexico, we walked back up the hill to our room after breakfast and there, basking on a rock, was a massive iguana.

(Well, actually I know all those things because I became obsessed with iguanas and looked them up).

He was all “s’up, guys? I’m just keepin’ real.”

He definitely worked in architecture or graphic design because we was wearing black. Totally a Mac guy, too. No PC’s or Android phones here.

And then I had a moment.

Standing there staring at a wild iguana I had a moment. A moment of thinking “oh my fucking god, I live in a world with palm trees and cactus and bougainvillea and iguana that just hang out on rocks. Let’s just stand here for a minute and allow this to really be as amazing as it sounds. Because it is really fucking amazing.”

One of the things I like most about being me is how I still let things utterly fill me with awe. Go out and seek awe. It’s the best kind of reset button.

Right then and there I decided I would see an iguana everyday. I just told the universe.

“Universe. I see iguanas everyday in Mexico. Just so we’re clear.”

And I did. Everyday. Even on the day we drove an hour and a half up mountain to a coffee plantation (which isn’t prime iguana territory, as far as I can tell).

I was beginning to lose heart that I wouldn’t see one that day, I felt a disproportionate sadness relative to the situation. As we were driving back into the resort at dusk, the driver spotted an iguana keeping it real on the wall on the driveway and pointed it out to all of us.

On the best day, I saw 15 of them along the sea wall.

It got me thinking about goal setting. And wishing. And wanting. And the qualities of wishes.

I got excited about my wish, even though it was ridiculous. I am very serious about experiencing delight in my life. A core quality tucked inside my wish to see iguanas every day was, for me, about getting my daily need for delight met.

Because, sneezing iguanas *giggle*.

Declaring my wish taught me about marshaling my resources to make it happen.

I told the bloke and the kiddo that I was going to see iguanas everyday so they were primed to look out for them too. It was bloke and kiddo who discovered the prime iguana spotting spot along the seawall.

My ridiculous wish got me thinking about your wishes.

I don’t know anyone who grew up having their wishes welcomed and adored. Our culture doesn’t really work that way. We are told that we are greedy for wanting, or that our wishes are inappropriate, too much, impossible. Wishes get trampled on early.

But wishing is good for you.

Not just cultivating wishes of your own, but actively letting other people have theirs.

Without trying to change the wishes. Not needing to fix them or do anything with them.

Just giving them legitimacy. Room to exist.

So here’s to wishing more. More wishes for me. More wishes for you. Because it is my year of more.