Untitled-1Your life is pretty awesome.

Great job. A group of friends who get you. Bright, bubbly, sunny personality that people are just drawn to.

You love to mix a healthy dose of highbrow with a sprinkling of pop culture. Literary festival one weekend, on the couch with back-to-back reality TV the next.

New restaurant trips, gallery exhibitions, flea markets and weekends away are liberally sprinkled throughout your diary.

To the world, it all looks tickety-boo

And it’s all fine and well…

…but there’s a little niggle gnawing anxiety:

You sometimes feel like an imposter.

You feel like you’ve reached a dead-end in terms of where you’re going in life.

You feel like you have way more potential than you’re operating at right now.

You want to give your confidence a shot in the arm…

…but you have no idea where to begin

Nice to meet you. I'm Tamarisk

As the tagline oh-so-cleverly implies, I proudly help people get fluent in their feelings to untangle the worry, uncertainty and fear…and achieve big milestones on your way to more confidence, more clarity and more fun.

Official title? I’m a life coach and trained psychotherapist.


I do this through a process of starting exactly where you are, working with you to unblock, uncover, and unwind whatever is coming between you and the life you imagine for yourself – whatever awesomeness you want that to be.

Why do I do it?

Because years ago, I was you. Deep down, I knew I was amazing and that I could achieve what I wanted for my life.

But I felt like my emotions had me by the scruff of the neck. They seemed to be running the show with reckless abandon.

High on life one minute, plunged into misery and despair the next.

I had no idea that my feelings could become my greatest ally, my precision guidance tool to ending the constant people-pleasing and the same life lessons repeating on me over and over again.

I had no idea that feeling my feelings was not just tolerable but invaluable.

I had no idea I could feel my feelings instead of stuffing them down and numbing out from my life with pints of ice-cream, bags of chips and chocolate cornflake cake.

Years ago, I was Tamarisk, the aspiring publicist who mistakenly thought “success” meant becoming the hot shot with the Blackberry and latest Nars lipstick.

The hip, savvy, cool girl who knew about all the latest bars because she launched them and how to “get-the-look” because she managed the brands that created the looks.

And, I was frequently stressed, depressed, fed up and feeling bored by my life no matter how much fun it seemed like I was having.

I looked pulled together and polished but I had no idea how to feel excited, happy and like I actually belonged in my own damn life.

Then one day, I learned two things:

1. I don’t want to do it like this anymore, and

2. Doing what you’re supposed to do, what looks good from the outside comes with absolutely no guarantee that you’ll be happy.

I also learned that it’s about becoming fluent in your feelings.

Becoming feelings fluent changes everything.

I became a detective in my own life.

And the clues where everywhere.

I started asking myself more and more how I wanted to feel. I started noticing more and more in my life what felt good (and doing more of it) and what felt bad (and doing less of it).

I began paying attention to the “shadow comforts” – the things that seem to feel good at the time but ultimately left me feeling sad, lonely and depleted. I replaced them with things that filled me up, energised me and inspired me.


I learned that being fluent in my feelings isn’t about giving up your sass and developing an unhealthy penchant for self-help books; it’s about honing your ability to create what you want most in your life.

It’s about relaxing into the knowing that you finally feel at home in your own life. It’s about knowing that life will still throw a tantrum but you’ll have the resiliency to move through it instead of crumpling in a heap at the first sign of trouble.  

I learned that trusting my feelings and using them as my GPS … is the fastest, easiest and most accessible way to creating the life you want… and it can make you very, very happy.

And now I show other incredible women how to do their own version of what I’ve done (with giggles, snorts and belly laughs aplenty along the way.)

I guide people like you to that exact spot you’re dreaming about.

I help you get real results … the kind that make people ask if you had a facial (but secretly think you must be having the best sex of your life to be happy like that).  

You are already wonderful, beautiful and amazing …

Let’s add “brave, courageous, confident, crazy-in-love-with-life” to the list.

If you’re ready, I’m ready. Let’s go.