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Learning to spot the exit signs

We bought a house! So far we are on our 70 billionth pin of bathroom tiles we like, are through the demolition stage of our renovation with no expensive surprises and we’re still on speaking terms. I think it helps that we aren’t living in the house while the renovations are happening (understatement of the… Read more »

In praise of the comfort zone

Back in early 2011 I had a five day stay in hospital after an elective surgery. When I went in they didn’t know how long I’d be in hospital, there’s no way to predict how long I’d need to recover, what my body would or wouldn’t do on it’s healing path. I shared a ward… Read more »

If No One Died, Why Do I Feel So Sad?

Grief is just so scary. Our grief and rage just terrify us. If we finally begin to cry all those suppressed tears, they will surely wash us away like the Mississippi River. That’s what our parents told us.  We stuffed scary feelings down, and they made us insane. I think it is pretty universal, all… Read more »

Stuff I Learned In 2013. That’s Worth Telling You About

This year has been amazing. Finally, a good year. After two or three years hard. Or challenging if we’re being life-coachy about it. But all the hard and the challenging was right-timing. Even if I didn’t know it at the time. All the hard-challenging was readying me for a 2013 that I’ve thrived in. So,… Read more »

Stop Doing These Four Things. Get Everything You Want

In my early twenties I lived with my sister. After who-knows-how-many conversations with my therapist I had an a-ha moment (read: half baked, pseudo-psychotherapeutic rah-rah. On my part, definitely not my therapist’s). I decided it was high time I moved out. I was OBVIOUSLY playing too much of a maternal role in this relationship. I… Read more »

Self Care. And My Broken Heart

We’d been agonsing over our relationship for a month. Long, angry phone calls. Tears. Late night heart-to-hearts. More tears. Hopeful moments of progress. Painful stretches of watching it slip away. There was a blissful weekend of laughs, kisses and hope that we’d come through the dark days. And then. Then he emailed me to end… Read more »

The Truth About Why I Got My Day Job Back

Sustenance:- noun, the maintaining of someone in life or existence. Sustainability:- noun, the ability to be sustained, supported, upheld or confirmed. The quality of not being harming to the environment. I have a day job. I do not do all this *does Celine Dion style sweeping hand gesture* full time. But I used to and… Read more »

Things to stop doing in 2013

The space between Christmas and New Year always feels floopy, loopy, weird and limbo-like to me. Cabin fever. Leftovers. Having no idea what day it is. And even when I do know, Tuesdays or Thursdays are exactly like Saturdays so knowing doesn’t help create any sense of form to a week. It’s weird. But what… Read more »

The Dark Side Of Being Cool

Floppy of hair, lithe of limb the Italian boy slouches in front of the piano, waiting for his cue.   I’m close enough to see his face, close enough to see that there’s not a scrap of music he’ll be playing from.   And play he does. Guided by voices, by the music, by his… Read more »

On The Fear Of Being Loved

I’ve begun a new ritual of going to church on Sundays. I’m super-freakin’-lucky to have two Unitarian churches near me, so my Sunday ritual is much more about spirituality and curious questioning that it is about any organised religion. The theme of a recent gathering was struggle. Random aside – I have a real thing… Read more »