contactI’m totally reachable!

Want to ask if I’m the right person for you? Wondering why I do coaching AND counselling? Curious to know how that mix best serves you?

Call me, email me, write me a letter. I’ll do everything I can to answer your questions, direct you to the right place, give you my very best resources. I want to help.

My policy is to return to your queries within 24hours (except on the weekends, in which case Monday morning…prompt!). Whether you call me, email me or send me a carrier pigeon. I hate being kept waiting and I’m sure you don’t like it either.

Tel: 020 7503 4429
Mobile: 07854 687 568
Skype: tamarisksd

I work with my clients virtually via Skype (yay! Time zones and passport control won’t stop us!). I way prefer Skype – no schelpping to my office, no running late because of traffic/public transport/no parking and you can have a glass of wine and talk to me in your pj’s if you wanna!