Is This You?

Individual coaching with Tamarisk Saunders-Davies


Right now it’s beige, which means it’s fine, OK…I guess, meh.

I proudly help people get fluent in their feelings to untangle the fear, uncertainty and the worry.

I work one-on-one with women who are tired of saying “I can’t…”, who are fed up, bored, over it and who long to feel like they belong in their own lives. I work with women who are tired of waiting for things to change. I work with women who are ready to go from a hopin’ an’ a wishin’ to having, doing and being.

As a coach, one of the things I see the most is clients who are sleepwalking through life. They aren’t unhappy or depressed per se, but they definitely aren’t living full out or playing all in.

Are you living in black and white? Do you want to be living in colour?

If you’re my people, you want – Clarity. Action. Passion. You want adventure, you want to say YES, you want to be passionately in love with your life.

Right now your thinking looks a little bit like this:

  • “I’ve been playing this dating game since I was 16. I’m sick of pretending that high thread count bed linen and hot baths are an acceptable substitute for a passionate relationship”
  • “My life looks good on paper but sucks in real life. Sure, I do stuff and I go places but it’s not the juicy, sexy, soulful, rockin’ life I dream of having. How do I fall in love with me and my life?”
  • “Work is fine…I guess. I mean, if I’m honest I spend most of the day lost on the internet…*trails off, joylessly*
  • “Why can’t I get this figured out? Why do I ALWAYS do {insert self-sabotaging behaviour here}? What is wrong with me? When will I get my act together?”
  • “The only thing getting me through the working week is imagining the speech I’m going to give my boss when I tell him where he can stick this job”
  • “Huh. I say ‘if only…’ a lot. Like, if only this happened, or that changed, or I did this then I’d be happy”
  • “Urgh…my life is amazeballs but I really don’t know how to handle that one friend who just seems to thrive on drama. Over it!”

Maybe you’re thinking about coaching with me because you’re beginning to realise that the various contradicting advice you’ve listened to is getting you absolutely nowhere:

  • You must find a committed relationship before you’re too old/only once you’re older/before all of the good ones are taken.
  • You have to be thin/loaded/a mum/famous to be happy.
  • You need the approval of your parent/boss/Facebook/society to know you’re making the right decisions.

If you’ve ever been to a therapist, you know that it can feel great to talk out your problems in a safe environment. But you also know that traditional therapy often provides very little in the way of ACTION – i.e., tangible systems that produce a positive and lasting effect on your life circumstances.

(Full disclosure – I’m a trained therapist, so I speak from experience here. I’m pretty unique in that I’ve got therapy, counselling and coaching training. What this means for you is that I have a whole load of tricks up my sleeve and I’m ace at helping you figure out how your past might be holding you back in a matter of hours, not years).

Coaching is focused on the present and the future and looks at real ways you can change your life. Starting now. It’s a crazy-powerful tool in helping people change their lives.

Working with me you get a structured framework with specific tools and strategies to transform your life.

Am I your type?

  • I work with women who long for action, who just know they have the motivation to get going if only they could find a way to harness it. I work best with people who understand that if real growth is going to happen, there will be moments when it’ll be challenging as you push beyond your comfort zone.
  • We’ll get the mostest out of our time together if you are ready to commit the time and energy to do the work on yourself first.
  • There’s self-work involved in coaching and you need to be cool with that. I’ll be there with you every step of the way, but you understand that we will collaborate to help you reach understanding. I will work with you, I cannot work for you.
  • I’m your type if you realize that no one can solve your problems for you except for you.This is the good news/bad news – the issues are 100% in your hands. You create the life you love. Don’t get me wrong – you’ll get my full support. But you understand that your fairy godmother is not coming.
  • More than anything, I’m your type if you want to do all of this while having a rollicking good laugh.

How it works

Two 60-minute phone or Skype sessions at USD$250 per month for three months. Includes personalised book recommendations (at least one of which will be a gift to you), weekly “challenges”, accountability systems, and email support between sessions.

Ready to do this?


We can schedule a consultation to make sure I am the best coach for you and that you are the best client for me.

I’ve found over time that I tend to jam best with motivation — you can be in the middle of the messiest, hardest, most uncomfortable transition (doesn’t scare me!) but you still have hope that things will get better and are dedicated to making it happen.