New Here?

Hello there, gorgeous!

Wondering what you might be doing here? Allow me to explain.

You know those great afternoons that turn into evenings with your bestest best girlfriends…where you order amazing food and cocktails and a bottle of wine or two and dig into life’s BIG topics?

You talk about love, happiness, what you want and how you might get it, what’s working in your lives and what’s not.

You admit the things you only tell a select few people. You share your half-formed, still baby dreams. You ‘fess up to the fears you rarely tell anyone. You get real on how you really feel about money, sex, ambition, love and life. All while laughing. Sometimes so hard a little bit of pee comes out (oh, come on, we’ve all done it!).

Well, that’s what we do here.

We gather bright, thoughtful, grounded and funny women round these parts.

And we talk a lot about feelings. And getting fluent in them.


Good question (smart cookie, you!).


Going with your feelings (yes, even the “bad” ones) is about cultivating your relationship with yourself, and creating a life you truly belong in.

How do we get started?

1. Take advantage of the free Get Fluent resource I’ve created for you by signing up here. You’ll join me a caper to start getting fluent in your feelings. I totally use The Time Warp dance as a coaching tool, learning’s more fun when you’re laughing:

2. Read my three most favourite posts

A Letter To Me-From-Then – get a glimpse of how the time I’ve invested in getting fluent in my feelings paid off big time.

Stuff I’ve Learned. That’s Worth Telling You About – tiny pop rocks of wisdom to set your mind a-fizzing.

The one where I rant about “self-care” – Here’s the thing…self care is important AND it gets talked about as if a mani-pedi + a journal is all that it’s about. It’s so much richer and deeper than that.

3. Connect with me (you better say hi!)